Executive and team coach who specializes in working with leaders and teams in the tech space to create connection for high performance. Co-designed and co-delivered successful leadership and team development programs from startups to Fortune top 25 technology companies. Coached CEOs and teams through successful acquisitions.

Background in tech startups, founding and participating at the C-level in multiple companies, bootstrapping and raising millions in capital, building profitable enterprises, one that was successfully acquired as well as learning the hard way, growing through deals that went south.

David first started coaching tech leaders in 2007 and became a full-time executive coach in 2012, becoming a Certified Practicing Co-Active Coach®. His first coaching gig was coaching high school rowing back in 1992. This sparked a passion that has continued through this day.

When not coaching, David’s usually at home playing with his two young sons and, when they’re asleep, he makes space for his 22 year strong mindfulness practices. Oh and the occasional beer. He is Australian after all.